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VBD Front Cover jpg 900 X 1359 at 300Following his successful Chattanooga Radio and Television, David Carroll and Fresh Ink Group release his memoir. Volunteer Bama Dawg collects 60+ of Chattanooga broadcaster David Carroll’s most popular essays, combining humor, history, and tributes to some unforgettable characters.


Who Said That Front Cover 2Joseph S. Ajlouny’s Who Said That? The Stories Behind Familiar Expressions has just been released. Surprisingly true, sometimes strange, always fascinating, the stories about whence came these expressions will educate, entertain, and amaze. His second in the series, Figuratively Speaking will be released soon after.

Satan Lying Devil Coming SoonFresh Ink Group author Lannie Richmond’s second book takes a hard look at deceit and what we can do to confront it. A full-time pastor in Michigan, Lannie spreads an important message in this follow-up to his Warning! No One Is Afraid of Hell Until They Get There.


ABC Trover Coming Soon CoverSurvivor Tammy Trover’s primer in illustrated verse for children fighting cancer will be released soon. The book also speaks directly to friends and family of all ages. Featuring Cornelius the Cancer Fighting Crocodile, it’s a wonderful alphabet-based affirmation empowering us with hope and confidence as we or loved ones face this all-to-common challenge.


Aspects of Love Front Cover JPEGEngland Denizen “Margaret Montrose” writing as “Aphrodite” has released a collection of novellas and short stories pre-dating The Golden Path. They include historical fantasy, an extension of Mary Magdalene’s life, the birth of the True Renaissance, how cooperation broke The Cage, and a sweet little love story from The Battle of Britain. Hardcover, soft-cover, all ebooks—out worldwide now.


Hippo Campus Coming SoonPsychologist Helen Borel’s The Hippo Campus educational tween book teaches about the brain and its seat of memory, the hippocampus. Exquisitely illustrated, it offers a terrific way for young people to learn about how they think. Coming soon in laminate hardcover, soft-cover, and all ebook platforms worldwide, the book is widely anticipated in the medical and educational communities.



THE AUTUMN TREE FRONT COVERPakistani author Aysha Ehsan’s The Autumn Tree novel about modern-American relationships running amok is now available in hardcover, soft-cover, and all ebook editions worldwide. Join Aysha’s characters in discovering the dark and light sides of trusting others.

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