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Been There, Noted That

Been There, Noted That by Stephen Geez

54 illustrated personal-experience essays inspire, appreciate, and celebrate where we’ve been, who we are, and what we share.

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first chapterNon-fiction/Memoirs

Pages: 292

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Available in: Trade paperback

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ISBN: 978-1-936442-05-8

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    The simple lives of everyday people in a mundane world prove extraordinary in this collection of 54 personal-experience essays by novelist Stephen Geez. The eclectic mix of memoir, commentary, humor, and appreciation covers a wide range of topics, each beautifully illustrated by artists and photographers from the Fresh Ink Group. Geez catches what many of us miss, then considers how we might all share the most poignant of lessons. Been There, Noted That aims to reveal who we are, examine where we’ve been, and discover what we dare strive to become.

    About The Author

    Writer, editor, publisher, TV producer, music composer, entrepreneur and more, Stephen Geez has long honed a keen eye for the foibles of human nature. His writing since taking undergrad and grad degrees at Michigan includes novels and short stories in various genres from literary to mystical adventure, non-fiction covering academic to how-to, commercial arts spanning corporate training to consumer advertising, and web-based content including the collections at and Easing gingerly into his second half-century, he can’t hop, skip, or jump like the old days, but he never stops noticing and taking notes

    Publisher's Comments

    Been There, Noted That features 54 personal-experience essays by Stephen Geez. Written from 1994 to 2011, all are based on true experiences, observations, and opinions. Each features original artwork or photography by contributor-members of Fresh Ink Group, including fan-favorites Joe Posada, Dizzy, D.R. Wagner, Turtle, Scott Watson, and Moonfire.

    Many of these essays and their art are new, appearing here for the first time. All 54 have been assembled in response to loyal readers asking for a collection in book form.

    Some essay topics may well resonate with you more than others. Some likely will remind you of people who might appreciate your thinking of them as you pass along these sentiments. Three essays convey direct messages you could bookmark and share: appreciation for friendship, birthday wishes, and graduation congratulations. Four offer remembrance, tributes to people Geez has lost, a way to share our search for meaning as we grieve.

    These narratives range from cautionary tales to poignant pokes at our uniquely human foibles, but all offer chances to celebrate who we are and how much we mean to each other.

    The majority of the essays and the full-color versions of their images have appeared at in the free-sendable format. Some were published elsewhere—often in varying versions—including magazines, newspapers, journals, other websites, and a Chicken Soup book. 

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